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Exclusive, Luxurious hair extensions by

Unleash your client's beauty and help them radiate confidence

We guarantee our extensions for your satisfaction. We ship nationwide. 

Customize, Bundle, & Save.


Stylist Pricing

Are you a licensed stylist and want to unlock wholesale pricing? Take less than 2 minutes and apply for your personalized wholesale pricing code.

Choose what colors best fit your styling needs.

Our range of hair extensions is your canvas to work your magic. With an extensive selection of shades, from timeless classics to vibrant trends, you have the artistic freedom to cater to your client's individuality.

Order exactly what you need. No more wasted products.

With us, you have the power to order precisely what you need, eliminating any unnecessary waste. No more surplus products taking up space or extra expenses. You're in control, ensuring every product serves a purpose and every purchase is eco-friendly.

Hair Extension



Hair Extension 





1-2 days

Our Online Hair Extensions Store Has


We're stylists, so we understand your challenges. Here's why you should shop with us

Customize Your Bundle: Choose as many colors for your perfect blend. 

Guaranteed Quality: If you don't love it- we'll refund you.

No More Wasted Products: Buy only what you need, no excess. 

Convenience: Pick up in-store or have them shipped to your doorstep.

"If you are looking for a professional place that has a wide selection of extremely talented people...Then make an appointment today! You will not regret it! From the vibe of this salon to the bathroom decor, I LOVED everything about it! Do your research on the stylist you want to book with & do it!"

- Lauren Phillippie -

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Top Rated Salon

We're not top rated for no reason! If you're unsure exactly what you need or have questions, feel free to reach out to our salon and we will guide you through our online store to help you pick the right extensions for what you need.

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