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Hair growth - let’s face it. We all are always wanting longer, healthier, fuller and thicker hair. But the question can remain, how do we do it? And how do we do it fast? (For those of us of who are perhaps impatient - trust me, we’re the same!)

We only carry the products we truly believe in, and TRULY love. The products our stylists use and obsess over. And the products are clients fall in love with and continue to carry in their at-home hair care routines. If we don’t love it, you won’t see us talk about it. So let’s break it down, shall we?

Meet Nouráge! The vitamins for hair + wellness. They believe wellness is the foundation of beauty. By combining the best of nature and science, their formula will nourish your body from the inside out with a balancing blend of powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens and clinically-proven Keratin. The result? Fuller, healthier hair and renewed wellness.

• Maintains healthy hair growth

• Increased density and thickness

• Supports shine + strength

• Replenishes nutrients for overall vitality

One of the best parts too is if you purchase 3 or more from us in the salon, you receive a 10% discount! Discount cannot be applied on any online purchases.

You’ve most likely heard us talk about Zenagen a time or two before. We’ve carried this since the beginning of our salon opening and have loved it since day 1. With products designed for women and another line designed specifically for men, this revolutionary brand offers a way to treat hair loss and pattern baldness at the source without harsh chemicals or minoxidil.

Powered by a green tea delivery system and a proprietary blend of nutraceutical ingredients, Revolve targets DHT, the hormone that causes hair loss. It removes existing DHT and stops its future production so that the follicle can grow back thicker and healthier.

You can shop the whole line in-salon or online here!

Another great addition to have in your routine - Viviscal Pro! Viviscal Professional is a clinically proven, 100% drug free dietary supplement for fuller and thicker hair.

Viviscal Professional is backed by more than 25 years of continuous research by some of the world’s leading hair growth clinicians, making it one of the most researched hair growth supplements in the industry today.

Purchase in bulk the 180 supplement package so you’re set for the fuller, thicker hair you’ve always wanted.



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